"Tathya Consulting " is culmination of several decades of rich and diverse Indusrty and Corporate experience. It was Founded in the Year 2013. Its Founder & CEO Narender Gupta brings with him a proven track record of working in the diversified fields ranging from Service Sector to Infrastructure,Real Estate to Telecom, Manufacturing to Process Industry and Engineering to Marketing sector. Tathya believes in providing simple but practical solutions to its clients.It has a firm belief that there always exist more than one solution to a problem and it is its duty to offer multiple options to its clients. Its job does not end there. It further helps in choosing the best option out of all the options. While doing so it keeps in mind the business requirement of its client on one hand and the economic and political scenario on the other .

Tathya believes in giving equal attention to framing strategies and its implementation in a timely manner. Value addition to our clients business with cost effective solutions is always upper most in our mind. In the last four years Tathya has advised a wide variety of clients from Telecom to IT, E -Commerce to Real estate,Infrastructure to Education,Skill development to Training,Textiles to Insurance and so on . 

Tathya's team is equipped in plying crucial and positive role by participating in shaping of progressive policy framework through active collaboration with the Industry, Regulators and the Government, in the backdrop of a fast changing policy and economic environment. Its strength lies in precise and meticulous evaluation of issues. Transparency and ethical dealings with utmost integrity are accorded highest priority in business relationships . Tathya's team has a natural flair for building long lasting relationships and share excellent relations with various stakeholders .