Corporate Affairs in the Indian Business Scenario has seen a huge shift in the recent times. Corporate Affairs is arguably the steward for the organization’s corporate reputation. We at Tathya Consulting provide our clients key insight into the practices and strategies which can further the organizations objectives.

Tathya Consulting helps its clientsin formulating and maintaining a well-defined and embedded corporate governance framework in place, consistent with best practice for the relevant industry. Tathya ensures that its clients have an efficient company secretarial function in place, by acting as support to the in-house corporate affairs team as well as completely handling the department through outsourcing. We help in identifying the relevant stakeholders and structuring strategies to approach them with a targeted outcome.

Tathya works with the senior management of its clients to offer advice on key communication and engagement issues.

Tathya Consulting believes, that a key part of Corporate Affairs is information dissemination. We ensure that our clients are always up to date with key legislations. Policies, ordinances and any other industrial regulations that may have an effect on the business. We also provide expert solutions to mitigate such risks and provide an apparatus for ethical lobbying of the interest if the business and the industry at large. For doing so, Tathya Consulting regularly engages with Industry Bodies and Governmental and Non-Governmental Trade Associations.