Doing business in India requires issuing of various licenses, corporate approvals and corporate compliance before a business unit can provide its goods and services in the market legally. These licenses and approvals, obtained from the central or the State Government, require comprehensive paperwork combined with constant interaction and engagement with the relevant quasi-judicial bodies. We at Tathya Consulting, help ease the process of obtaining such licenses and approvals by not just helping create a scheme to expedite such process, but also ensuring regular interaction of the senior management with the relevant authorities to create a sense of trust.

Such licenses and approvals issued for conducting business require tremendous compliance requirements. Failure to comply with these rules may not only lead to cancellation of license but may also lead to levy of huge penalties. The team at Tathya consulting helps our client’s business unit to work within the framework of rules and comply with all such requirements. The Corporate Compliance Team at Tathya focusses on mitigation of any risk that may arise due to non-compliance after the required approvals and licenses are obtained.